Meeting My Kind Guru Gosok Rinpoche: A Memorable Experience

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People say that there are moments in your life that you would cherish for a life long time, and that describes my first meeting with Gosok Rinpoche.
The memory is so fresh, as if it was just happened. I recall the day when waiting together with some senior fellow Dharma friendsto pay a formalvisit to Rinpoche; I was so nervous and afraid of being blundering when I see him. I kept telling myself, “Rinpoche is very kind so you should stop worrying.”
And suddenly I heard someone saying, “Here come some lamas. Is there Rinpoche with them?” Looking far to the pathway lined with trees, I saw some Tibetan monks in robes walking slowly but with dignity. Forgot everything, I rushed towards them, calling “Rinpoch!” And yes, they were Rinpoche and his retinues. 
Walking at the front was the amiable monk manager, and following are Rinpoche’s monk disciple Lorang and other two Sangha members. Strolling on the grail road, they formed just like starts surrounding the moon, with our kind teacher, Gosok Rinpoche in the center, not too far, not too close. No words could describe the mixed feeling of surprise and happiness I had at that moment. I was so thrilled to be able to greet Rinpoche before the actual visit. The only analogy I could think for that fortunate moment is that of a poor discovering a precious gem. And even that can’t match one percent of the excitement I had.
To my greater surprise, Rinpoche waved his hands to us when he saw me and another Dharma friend, with a loving smile on his face. I deeply felt Rinpoche’s loving kindness. And a halo of tranquility over Rinpoche immediately cooled down our restless mind, making us calm and peaceful. That kind of powerful loving kindness is something that I will never forget.
Even now recalling that moment, tears will come to my eyes. I think I was a little spaced-out. My thought stopped, and I could only stare at Rinpoche and silently pray. To some degree I understood what the meaning of vast kindness from one’s guru, which is a constant blessing out of a sincere mind to liberate us from suffering. Every expression and gesture of him shines with compassion and wisdom. I wasn’t able to tell what a Buddha’s great compassion is, but at that moment I got a taste of that through Rinpoche’s attention to us. For me, till today, no response I could make other than to pray for Rinpoche’s lone life and health. I pray that he remain in this world long to bless us suffering sentient beings.
No words can describe my gratitude. Even I try, only tears come to my eyes. The compassion, wisdom and kindness of our Teacher are beyond of word. But this is something that I can put down with a hope to share my feeling with you. I will try to write more in future when conditions meet.
I believe that my opportunity of meeting with Rinpoche this year is nothing but the Three Jewels’ blessing. I’m grateful however, to all the support and assistance provided by Dharma brothers and sisters. Without your kindness, I’ll never have such fortune in Dharma, and never enjoy such happiness in the Dharma. Thank you, all. I pray wholeheartedly that I can maintain a lasting guru-disciple relationship with my kind teacher, Gosok Rinpoche. I will strive to make Guru happy with the three services (to make material offering, provide physical services and more important, to practicein accordance to Guru’s instructions). Please kindly bless me and be my guide until I become fully enlightened.
If by writing this short article I could accumulate some merit that would be only through Guru-Three-Jewel’s blessing and kindness; and I will dedicate that to the long life of all teachers for them to remain in this world to guide sentient beings, and to the flourish of the glory Ganden Teaching for the ultimate benefit of all sentient beings.
Shiao-peng, November 2009


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